How to dry your goalie gloves quickly!

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Having wet gloves can be distracting for goalkeepers. The last thing you want to do is divert your focus and attention needed in the game to making your gloves feel comfortable.

If they are wet, you may feel irritated by the way the gloves feel or even just having the unwanted moisture inside the glove.

At the same time, you want to wear clean gloves, but you need to make sure they are dry before you wear them. And depending on the weather conditions in your part of the world, it can be easy or difficult.

In this post, we will share some ways you can dry your goalie gloves quickly.

We will also share some bonus tips on what you shouldn’t do to dry your goalie gloves quickly.

It is also really important that you maintain the natural drying process to dry your goalkeeper gloves.

How can you dry your goalkeeper gloves quickly?

Make sure that you squeeze out as much water as possible from the gloves. You want to minimize the amount of moisture in the glove so that it will dry quickly.

Hang the glove on a coathanger or a line where the excess water can drip out.

You can also place paper (such as newspaper) inside the gloves to absorb the excess moisture.

Dry the gloves separately. So make sure if they are hanging on the same line or coathanger, that they are on opposite ends to each other.

How long will it take for the goalie gloves to dry?

You should expect them to dry in 24-36h.

Do not dry your goalie gloves in the following ways.

Do not use a radiator.

In European countries especially, radiators are a common way to dry clothes quickly. If you place your goalkeeper gloves on the radiator, they may end up sticking to the radiator and get damaged.

Do not use a hair or blow dryer.

This is likely to damage the latex on the gloves.

Do not use a tumble dryer.

This may damage the latex on the gloves and cause further damage to the gloves.

Do not dry them in direct sunlight.

This is likely to cause more damage to the goalkeeping gloves.

Do not put them in an airing cupboard

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