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There are no secrets about the effect of a keeper in Soccer. And while strikers draw the headlines and record transfer fees, the team’s success is the player between the sticks.

Sure, the sport emphasizes equipment. But for a goalkeeper, a piece of necessary equipment would be the gloves.

Devised to provide protection, grip, and confidence, a great set of goalie gloves are worth their weight in gold.

Most keepers will experiment with several types of gloves in their hunt of the right ones. And once they find a brand they like, they become astonishingly loyal for years to come.

A goalkeeper glove becomes part of him. It is an essential tool that must be of excellent quality to protect the hand and perform optimally.

The gloves reviewed in this guide are professionally graded, often worn by the world’s best goalkeepers. Nonetheless, this list can help your narrow down your options:

Nike Vapor Grip 3

This pair of soccer goalie gloves is simply a masterpiece from the world’s best-known sports name.

Timeless, these Nike Vapor Grip 3 goalkeeper gloves have gained little to no improvements over the years. It’s hard to improve what is already perfect. The different variations of this product are very similar; only the design and colors are the most notable changes.

The Nike Vapor Grip 3 has a very characteristic patented cut that allows for a more excellent contact surface with the ball and improved ball control.

The glove’s palm is made of Nike’s new 4mm Contact plus foam, which is efficient no matter the weather and one of the best grips you can get.

Thanks to the high-end materials used in the conception of these soccer gloves, they happen to be the most durable and sturdy option.

It also has a flexible and durable fabric, which gives a fantastic grip from the latex, and it wraps perfectly around the wristband.

Adidas Ace Trans Fingersave Pro

Okay, we all recognize that the best goalies in the world tend to use Adidas soccer gloves. Goalkeepers like Manuel Neuer, Iker Casillas, and David De Gea have always favored the three stripe company.

These Adidas Ace Trans Fingersave Pro gloves are one the most versatile model. Adjustable to the user’s hands, it features a new tech strap for stability. It also has two foam latex palms that allow a homogeneous glove that is great for catching and releasing.

This model contains the least seams with his perfectly fitting structure and showcases a slick and elegant design.

We also want to speak about the fantastic Fingersave spine. A pretty cool feature that will significantly decrease the impact a shot can have on your hands/fingers and considerably reduce injury risk. Without any doubt one of the favorite pair of gloves of all time.

Uhlsport Eliminator Supergrip

The Germans know how to create great goalkeepers. From Oliver Kahn to Manuel Neuer, they have a tremendous goalkeeping culture. So much so that it’s only fair they have manufacturers that create equally impressive gloves.

Uhlsport is a German brand that produces and manufactures all sorts of sports equipment. They are leaders in many national markets when it comes to marketing goalkeeping gloves.

These Uhlsport Eliminator Supergrip gloves came out quite some time ago. But they are already classics, as a World Champion Goalkeeper uses them: Hugo Lloris.

The patented Supergrip latex offers incredible control over the ball, especially when it’s dry outside. It feels like you had put rubber on your gloves very rarely that you’ll have this sensation.

However, it can get slippery when it rains. Hence, it would be advisable to wear these gloves on dry weather.

These Eliminator Supergrip from Uhlsport are very comfortable wearing a very tight fit and are incredibly durable.

Adidas ACE League

Are you looking for suitable gloves you can bring to practice without paying a premium fee for it? I got you covered. These Ace League Adidas goalkeeper gloves are the best advantage for your money you can get. Let’s look at some of the features they offer.

The excellent grip provided by the EVO Zone Tech II latex is what stands out in these gloves. We believe that your training gloves shouldn’t be too different from your game ones. My reasoning behind this is that you shouldn’t have to adapt the way you play to the gloves you’re wearing.

Another aspect that is often overlooked, and that is super important when you are buying a budget product is durability.

Yes, these gloves are cheaper, but they are also more durable. The cost per game played or per years of usage is amazingly low.

If you’re on a budget but don’t want to give up on quality, these gloves are your absolute best option.

Reusch Pure Contact

Weighing only 3 ounces (88 grams), the Reusch goalie gloves is a minimalist pair of gloves and have a clean look to it thanks to his Evolution Negative cut. Wearing it almost feels like a second skin but no worries; your hand is well protected.

I also want to mention that these gloves offer a great touch and control. The unique Latex G3 Fusion used by Reusch to manufacture these gloves is simply excellent and efficient even if it rains.

If you want light gloves without compromises, you can buy these without any second thoughts.

Nike GK Premier SGT

Even though these gloves have been on the business for quite some time now, I still believe they are amongst the best. Highlighting a negative cut and a laser-etched latex palm, they are very sturdy and are efficient even when it rains.

When it comes to technical traits, these gloves do pack a punch with their Sipe Grip Technology. These are thin stripes cut across the palms.

The main focus of the SGT is to allow the palm to spread wider and provide a fantastic grip in all weather conditions (and they do).

Another cool technical feature of these gloves is Pre-Curved technology. It positions your hands in a catch-ready position by default.

The last thing I want to talk about is how cool these gloves feel. Your hands will barely sweat at all thanks to the breathable material used in the conception of these Nike goalie gloves.

Puma EvoDisc

When Gianluigi Buffon and Petr Cech wear a good pair of gloves, it is already quite a good indicator of their quality.

These Puma goalkeeper gloves have one significant particularity that sets them apart from their competition. They have an innovative closing device; A disc placed on the backhand can be used to tighten or loosen the gloves.

The RC/IS Hybrid cut will give you a more expansive catching zone, and thanks to the Ultimate Grip latex on the palm and the thumb area, your grip is maximized.

On the backhand part, the punching areas branded Strikezone by Puma are incredibly efficient for clearances.

Another cool feature on these gloves is the fact that they stretch half the way up the forearm. I like this because it protects your wrists more efficiently than any other gloves.

If you like cool, high-tech products that still do the job, you can go for the Puma evoDisc.

Nike Spyne Pro

These Nike Spyne Pro are also quite lovely, and I especially like their design and breathable fabric. The inside grip is best used if your glove is perfectly fitting your hand, so I would order one size below what I usually wear if I had to order these again.

What is very different about these gloves is the inside grip. It’s quite comfortable to wear, and you can be sure that they won’t slip.

The palm does a relatively great job at absorbing impacts. The grip is above average, and the Bio-align technology sets your hands in a ready to catch position at all times.

Excellent, straightforward gloves overall, but there are better options in this price range.

Adidas Ace Zones Pro

Adidas is undoubtedly a great sports brand with lots of experience. When they designed these Ace Zones Pro, they had flexibility in mind, and it registers when you use them.

These gloves are light and outfitted with scratch-resistant “Nova Zone Tech” zones that provide excellent grip at your fingertips.

The standard negative cut is almost necessary on any modern gloves. It is well stitched and provides a superior touch quality, along with a very long lifespan.

The punching zone is quite wide. Plus, the breathable fabric’s flexibility allows for a lot of movement freedom whenever you need to clear the ball.

The only aspect that could be improved on this product is the palm’s length. But we would recommend these gloves if you need to play on different surfaces, under varying weather conditions.

Puma EvoPower Protect 3.3

The Puma EvoPower Protect 3.3 is composed of latex and a flat cut. But what makes these gloves shine is their affordability.

These really would rank higher on my list if the finger saves could be removed. Featuring flexible PFP spines, these gloves also feature a multi-grip latex palm for all weather conditions.

If you like to have extra protection, enjoy a flat cut, and look for affordable gloves, look no further and pick these. They are incredible!

Adidas Predator 20 GL Pro

The Adidas Predator 20 GL Pro gloves feature the excellent URG 2.0 latex and the comfortable one-piece knit backhand. Soccer goalies will appreciate the design and performance of this negative cut Adidas goalie glove. 

This is a game level glove used by advanced goalkeepers.

This one-piece knit backhand offers a second-skin-like fit and excellent breathability. adidas’ iconic demon skin is also featured on the backhand for added support when punching the soccer ball. 

Adidas true negative cut with flex zones in the palm to reduce latex bunching. The cut makes the glove fit like a second skin. Take care when pulling the glove on and off as it is designed to fit tight to the hand. 

Strapless glove entry with one-piece glove body design. It makes the glove easy to get on and off and secure enough that you don’t need a wrist strap. The knit material clings close to the wrist and lower forearm for a secure feel, which also performs well in all weather conditions.

The One Glove SLYR Blaze

The One Glove SLYR Blaze goalkeeper glove highlights five removable finger spines in each glove. It also has pro-grade Orange contact latex for an excellent grip. The true negative cut gives the glove a safe and secure feel on the hand.

This pro-grade contact latex will perform well in all weather conditions and is used by game level goalkeepers at a practice price. 

One glove has introduced the new Speck Mesh neoprene backhand for ideal comfort and support. The integrated 3D rubber punch zone on the backhand features Flexi-cuts. This helps increase flexibility and freedom of movement. 

Negative cut with X-Wrap Control. The X-Wrap Control features on the thumb and side of the palm give you extra latex. And the grip coverage on the edge of your hand also locks it into place, providing a more secure and controlled feel.

There is also a v-notch insert between the thumb and index finger to prevent tear out in that area.

Classic elasticated wrist entry system with a mid-split elasticated wrist strap and rubber pull tab for a secure fit. The “split” strap allows you to tighten the wrist area to your ideal comfort level. Some goalkeepers prefer a tighter fit on the wrist, and this strap allows for that without being uncomfortable.

Storelli ExoShield Gladiator Pro 2

Storelli has released the latest version of the extremely popular Gladiator Pro goalie glove. The combination of stealthy looks, excellent grip, comfort from the negative cut, and sturdy protection in the backhand made this one of the best sellers in 2016 and 2017.

It is fitted with a 3.5mm German Super Soft latex + 3mm of impact-absorbing foam for excellent comfort and protection. Featured palm raising at vital flex zones on the hand to prevent the latex bunching when making a fist.

This Storelli goalkeeper glove highlights removable finger and thumb protection. The spines are anchored in place by two velcro fasteners to keep the spines securely in place. The spines can be accessed through a zipper pocket on the backhand.

The backhand is a fully built-in 3.5mm German latex and includes polybutylene punch zones. Breathable mesh keeps you cool even when the game is firing up.

It also features a full latex wrist wrap with a double velcro touch-point that maximizes comfort and fit. Plus, the negative cut embossed palm with roll-thumbs allows for breathability between the fingers.

Elite Sport Vipera

The Elite Vipera goalkeeper glove is an innovative addition to the Elite Sport glove range in 2020. The gloves have the same cut as the Neo range of gloves for gameplay.

This will be the perfect practice glove option to the Neo gloves, or a great game option for goalkeepers who play on the turf. The latex used is slightly more durable so that it will work well on artificial turf. 

It is equipped with 4mm of Elite Control MB latex and 3mm of backing foam in the new blackout colorway. It is also lined with moisture-absorbing fabric to keep the hands comfortable and prevent slipping inside the glove.

The neoprene glove body extends through the wrist for easy entry. The integral overlap wristband provides a secure fit on the wrist. 

An outstanding balance of grip and durability makes it ideal for games or practice and performs well in all weather conditions.

What makes these goalie gloves so exceptional is the “super grip” foam used to improve the palm. It’s explicitly designed to provide an excellent grip in any condition, which has been beneficial even for the rainy conditions.

They also feature silicon and high-frequency latex backing with a 3D-embossed “shock zone.” The feature allows high rebound foam on the back of the hand that enhances the punching performance and adds protection.

Goalkeepers are a vital part of the game around the globe to help make those game-changing saves. To prevent the rival’s ball from scoring.

Goalkeepers use their hands, and the gloves are put on to make the goalkeeper hand bigger and add more gripping power. Due to that, goalkeeper gloves are one of their most vital tools.

The most obvious benefit of a nice pair of goalkeeper gloves is enhanced holding power. Which, in general, means a greater chance of stopping balls from going into the net.

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