Will Vaseline make goalkeeper gloves more sticky?

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The quick answer is yes. If you apply Vaseline to your goalkeeper gloves, you will notice that the gloves will feel more sticky almost instantly.


It is not recommended to apply vaseline to your gloves as using the vaseline on the gloves over the long-term may damage the latex on your goalkeeper gloves.

If you do need your gloves to be more sticky, simply apply more water into the palm of your gloves instead of using Vaseline.

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6 thoughts on “Will Vaseline make goalkeeper gloves more sticky?”

  1. Yes, real rubber made from rubber trees & the same rubber used on quality keeper gloves, is very reactive to vaseline. Petro-products penetate rubber and break it up, ever so slightly. Repetitive applications especially with friction will dissolve rubber over time.

    In fact, automotive o-rings and other industrial rubbers which must interact with petroleum are made of hybrid chemicals and resist dissolving (for obvious reasons!). Yet soccer gloves are actually acclaimed for using real rubber (which is naturally grippy on it’s own), so they’re vulnerable to vaseline!

    Splash water on your gloves instead. It creates acceptible levels of tackyness. You do keep a waterbottle in the net don’t ya? 😉

  2. I’ve tried this method of putting vasline on my goalkeeper gloves. It damaged my gloves. It started to flake really badly, I had to throw my gloves away after one use with vasline. Thus, it’s a no no….

    1. We agree tan. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. And we hope that you have better luck with your next set of goalkeeper gloves.

  3. Alot of pro goalkeepers do this with their gloves, but we also have to keep in mind that they have the ability to change gloves very often due to sponsorships etc.

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