Your Guide to the Best Lacrosse Goalie Gear and Equipment

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You must be physically strong enough to take the force of strong shots by offending the team. You must also be mentally tough not to lose your nerves when you see your opponent coming for you.

A goalie’s position requires you to wear special equipment to protect you from fast-moving lacrosse balls.

So, getting the right lacrosse goalie gear is very important.

But purchasing the top of the line isn’t always an affordable option. You must look for plenty of different gear styles that will make sure you’re safe and moving freely on the field.

Here’s an advance search list our favorite Lacrosse Goalie Gear:


Goalie Gloves

Goalie Stick

Chest Protectors

Cleats, Shoes, and Pants

Throat Guards, Shin Guards, and Extra Pads

Best Lacrosse Goalie Helmets

The best thing about lacrosse goalie helmets is they have the same specs and models as field players. So they are easily interchangeable. 

But you must add the throat protection to add more protection if you are a goalie.

Cascade CPX-R Lacrosse Goalie Helmet

The Cascade CPX-R is the best lacrosse helmet in the market for both Goalies and Field players.

It features the Seven Technology Liner system, which transfers the helmet’s energy to reduce unwanted injuries.

This comes with a chin strap that keeps the helmet in place all the time.

Key Features

  • Impact Attenuation System: This helmet features a groundbreaking attenuation system. It helps in managing energy transfer after a direct impact.
  • Seven Technology Liner System: The Seven technology Liner system displaces energy within a few seconds. It helps to transfer the energy throughout the helmet and reduce the risk of injuries.
  • Includes White Chin Strap: The helmet’s white chin strap keeps it in the right place without worry of getting off from a player’s head.
  • One Size Fits All: Yes, you heard it right. It comes in only one size, which fits every lacrosse player without any doubt.

Cascade CS Youth Lacrosse Goalie Helmet

The Cascade CS Youth goalie helmet comes with a throat protector, that too at an affordable price.

It has a unique visor with a streamlined look. The helmet offers excellent comfortability and protection.

Specially designed for players under age 12 who are looking for a lightweight and a protective helmet.

Excellent customer service is provided by the makers and gets shipped in no time.

Key Features

  • Streamlined Look: It has the most uniquely designed visor and shell combo, which gives it a streamlined look.
  • One-Piece Shell Design: The One-piece shell design to sweep the front shots and collisions on the helmets to avoid injuries.
  • Polypropylene Foam: The cushion inside this lacrosse helmet is made up of Polypropylene foam that ensures protection with comfort.
  • Designed for Young Generation: This helmet is made for players under age 12. It is lightweight and a safe option for the younger generation of laxers.
  • Improves Visibility: As this comes in mask design, it enhances the player’s visibility on the field. It helps to save many shots with ease and comfort.

Best Lacrosse Goalie Gloves

The Goalie gloves are different from the gloves of a field player.

Because of the goalie’s nature, their gloves have a reinforced thumb pad and fingers, whereas the field players do not.

This padding reduces the chance of thumb getting injured by getting hit on the hands.

The pads present in the thumb and finger part of the glove help break the extent of force with which a ball is thrown at them.

Maverik M3 Gloves

If you’re one of those goalies looking for high performing gloves in every aspect possible, Maverik M3 glove is the one for you. These are different from other Maverik gloves.

M3 goalie gloves come with a Traditional fit and additional volume for fingers allows for extra comfort and flexibility.

These Gloves are very soft and have a natural feel with Ax Suede. And the inhaler mesh palm allows for more airflow through it.

Key Features

  • Traditional Fit Profile: Maverik M3 Gloves is built on a more traditional fit profile with some other fingers’ volume. This adds more protection and safety to the goalies.
  • 37.5 Technology Liner: No Goalie Wants to play with dirty and sweaty gloves. The 37.5 Technology liner helps to evaporate the sweat and heat from within the gloves. This unique feature of the gloves makes them smell fresh and remain dry throughout the game.
  • Soft and Durable: These gloves are crafted with AX Suede, making them soft and very natural to feel on hands. Also, this ensures the high durability of the gloves.
  • More Airflow: If your gloves get sweaty, then hands will slip very easily. The inhaler mesh palms allow air to pass through the gloves and eliminates the problem of slipping from sweat.

Brine King 5 Lacrosse Goalie Gloves

Brine King Superlight lacrosse goalie glove is a lightweight glove that won’t get in your way or compromise on protection.

These have a water-resistant lining that keeps the gloves dry in any weather condition.

The hydrophobic lining keeps these goalie gloves free from unwanted sweat, and it’s the gross smell. The flexibility of these gloves ensures protection throughout the game.

Key Features

  • TruVents: The Truvents technology helps to increase the ventilation to the backhand of the gloves. And this keeps you cool even when the weather is blazing hot.
  • Textured Nash Palm: These gloves have Textured Nash Palms, which provide an improved feel of the stick to give you a more controlled and firm grip on it. It also increases the goalie’s confidence in the game.
  • Floating Cuff: The Floating cuff around the wrist gives you a protective advantage during aggressive faceoffs or while scooping the ground balls.

Warrior Regulator 2 Lacrosse Goalie Gloves

With Warrior Regulator 2 goalie gloves, you can feel so good even when you are stopping bone-crushing shots.

These gloves are designed with padding that absorbs high impact shots and redirects that force away from your hands.

AX Suede palm is thin in design, which is a single layer of great touch to the goalie’s hands. It comes with decent protection as well as comfort.

Key Features

  • New Lock Thumb Lock: The Warrior Regulator 2 has a New Lock Thumb, which easily withstands highly aggressive shots. It comes with high impact foam, which absorbs the energy from hard hits.
  • Bone Protection: The advanced Bone protection backhand and finger protection layer of the gloves ensures the safety of the goalies and keeps them tension free on the field.
  • AX Suede Palm: AX Suede palm is a thin, single layer that gives a soft and incredible feel to the player. And it helps a lot in defending bone-crushing shots.

STX Shield Goalie Gloves

STX spent hours coming up with a perfect goalie glove for the younger players to improve their skills.

It has a flexible thumb guard with a patent-pending design made from a resin material, which increases its strength and toughness.

These gloves have reduced length cuffs to increase the wrist’s mobility and allow your hands to be free and fast on the field.

This is available in black color in a 12-inch size.

Key Features

  • Fixed Thumb Guard: New fixed Thumb guard helps to maintain the hand safe from unwanted injuries. This advanced feature of the Shield gloves makes it the perfect glove for goalies.
  • Extra Protection: Additional protection for the tip of the thumb is provided with this glove. It has a flexible thumb guard that offers toughness and mobility to all the goalies.
  • Reinforced Protection: The Backhand of the STX glove is a patent-pending design made from a resin material, which increases toughness and strength. This allows a goalie to defend many shots.
  • Single Piece Nash Palm: The single-piece Nash palm of the gloves is added for an improvised feel of the stick. Also, it has perforated holes, which makes the gloves breathable and fresh.

The Best Lacrosse Goalie Sticks

The lacrosse goalie stick is very different from traditional lacrosse sticks used to play Lacrosse.

A larger lacrosse head allows easier saves. And the lacrosse goalie shaft is shorter in length, around 40 inches, which gives a goalie enough control and mobility. 

In earlier days, the sticks were made of wood or fiberglass. But nowadays, the heads are synthetically made and shaft from aluminum. Check out this high quality and cheapest sticks below:

STX Lacrosse Eclipse Goalie Stick

Eclipse Goalie glove by STX has an updated sidewall geometry. This feature provides increased stiffness without adding any weight.

The new scoop design enhances ground ball performance during the game.

A secure grip is provided with the aid of ergonomic throat design. 

It is strung with 12-diamond semi-hard mesh and incorporates a 34-inch outlet platinum handle.

Key Features

  • Increased Stiffness: The STX lacrosse eclipse goalie stick is made with updated sidewall geometry. This feature increases the stiffness and strength of the string without adding weight.
  • New Scoop Design: If you are looking to improve your ground skills, this stick is for you. The new scoop design gives enhanced ground ball performance.
  • Ergonomic Throat Design: Another great thing about this product is it’s Ergonomic Throat Design. This helps a goalie to have a secure and firm grip on the sticks.
  • Additional Sidewall Holes: An expanded array of pocket styles are provided with the help of extra sidewall holes present on this stick.

Brine Eraser 2 Lacrosse Goalie Unstrung Head

Eraser 2 by Brine is the state-of-art goalie head. It is a redesigned and reengineered version of its kind.

This head’s design is always better than the previous ones, which is one of the top choices by players.

The sidewall of this head provides stiffness and added strength that every goalie needs.

Key Features

  • Strategic Core-Tech Sidewall: The sidewall of this unstrung head is manufactured with Strategic Core-Tech, which provides additional stiffness and strength that goalies need during the game.
  • Offset Sidewall: The offset sidewall present in this head improves accuracy and control while goalies pass on the field.
  • Available in 4 Ways: It is rare to find a lacrosse head available in multiple colors. This one exception is available in 4 colors.

Warrior Nemesis 2 Lax Goalie Head

This is a pre-launch of the Warrior’s best selling goalie head of all time.

And it is the only one goalie head in the world to feature Warrior’s patented Flared sidewall, which directs shots into the center of the pocket.

The lax goalie head is made from super-tough, durable nylon materials that can stand out even in the blazing heat. Many happy users recommend it.

Key Features

  • Best Selling Goalie Head: This is Warrior’s best selling goalie head of all time. It is made with high-quality materials and loved by so many users from different places.
  • Flared Face Design: The Flared face design of this head helps push all the shots into the pocket center.
  • Ultra-rugged Sidewall: The Ultra-rugged sidewall design provides durability against the fastest shots coming toward a goalie.

Best Lacrosse Goalie Chest Protectors

Some of the Chest protectors come with an additional arm and shoulder protection, just like shoulder pads, but some do not. A Chest protector without an extra arm padding grants you more mobility.

But if you are looking for more protection for younger players, you must go for the arm padding.

Brine King Superlight Chest Protector

The Brine king Chest protector is just like the Brine Eraser Stick, which has been around for a long time and a reliable option.

This is a stable, comfortable, and protective chest pad for goalies who need extra performance without sacrificing mobility.

The pad’s new design helps to flex with your body, which keeps you mobile during low saves or when you run outside the crease. 

And it is made up of high-density impact-absorbing foam.

Key Features

  • Dual Density Construction: Brine King Superlight chest protector has Dual-density construction with an ICS sternum that provides impact protection for goalies.
  • Multiple Break Construction: The Multiple Break Construction keeps it form-fitting and always flexible. This is very helpful while a difficult save.
  • Dual Vector Strap: The Dual Vector strap of this chest pad helps keep it firmly in the right place just as a goalie would like it.

STX Sultra Girls Lax Goalie Protector

The STX Sultra Goalie protector is designed specifically for the female players.

This chest pad features stretch zones in the chest, shoulders, and stomach area. And it has the option of a removable stomach and shoulder pads.

This pad is cut wider in the chest and shoulder to have more mobility during the game. And it is manufactured with an antimicrobial material to prevent bacteria from forming and to avoid the smell.

Key Features

  • Female Fit: STX Sultra is the first chest protector made explicitly for female fit. It provides perfect protection without restricting free movements of female goalies in the game.
  • Stretch Zones: Sultra chest protector features multiple stretch zones in the chest, shoulders, and stomach area. Also, women-specific sizing provides a better fit than traditional chest pads.
  • Customizable Protection: Yes, this pad has customizable protection, thanks to the removable stomach and shoulder pads.
  • Multiple Size and Colors: These Chest protectors are available in whopping four different sizes and two attractive colors.

STX Shield 300 Goalie Chest Protector

The STX shield goalie protector is low price lax equipment but does its job perfectly for youth players.

It is STX only cardiac outline coverage of the mid-chest area. It comes with a floating chest plate that offers protection and mobility.

Also, the removable stomach pads and shoulder caps are provided for additional coverage and safety. It has adjustable straps that ensure the player is feeling comfortable all the time.

Key Features

  • Cardiac Silhouette: This is STX only cardiac silhouette coverage for the mid-chest area for the protection needed for a goalie.
  • Floating Chest Plate: The Floating chest protector ensures protection from impactful shots and keeps a player mobile.
  • Removable Stomach and Shoulder Pad: Additional coverage is provided with Removable stomach and shoulder pads. This also makes the protector customizable as per the player’s needs.
  • Strap System: This chest protector’s strap system offers adjustability just as a player needs according to his size and comfort.

Shock Doctor Lacrosse Fit Compact Short

You can never ignore the safety of your special parts. So, Jockstraps are very important.

Especially if you are a goalie, then you must be ready to take those high-speed shots. That means protection must be your top priority.

ShockSkin 5-pad protection highlights lightweight and breathable integrated foam and fabric padding.

It has vented pads to protect and contour to the hips, thighs, and tailbones. Also, the cup lock system is exceptionally comfortable.

Key Features

  • Leading Sports Protection Manufacturer: Shock Doctor is a leading Sports protection manufacturer that provides top performance and protection. It is worn by professional and college athletes worldwide.
  • Ultimate Comfort and Protection: These tight shorts have Shockskin integrated fabric and vented foam pads secured by high-frequency seams, moves, and contour with the different body parts for ultimate comfort and protection.
  • X-Fit Brief Cup Retention System: The cup retention system provides much-needed cup protection. It integrates a wraparound internal mesh or supporter for unparalleled comfort, fit, and proper cup position stability just as a player needs.
  • Relaxed Fit: It is developed with an exclusive pattern for ideal anatomical fit without compression and ensuring maximum mobility freedom.
  • Impact Protection: An added shock protection is provided in critical areas. It also improves primary gear coverage for hip, thigh, and tailbone. And has a fabric that helps to remove moisture.
  • Ultra Carbon Flex Cup: This provides superior multi-stage impact protection, which transfers shock away from vital areas. At the same time, flex curve design gets maximum comfort and fit.

Best Goalie Cleats, Shoes, and Pants

Some goalies prefer to run on the field with footwear that has cleats or not. So, you have got two options to choose from, best lax cleats or best lax shoes.

It’s all your choice and preference. So go with what excites you the most.

Also, don’t forget the importance of lacrosse goalie pants, or griddles. This helps to keep your lower half protected from the quick shots. We have listed our favorite picks for you.

New Balance Freeze Men’s Lacrosse Cleats

New balance freeze is the game’s first-ever particular lacrosse cleat.

This 9.9 oz cleat features one kind of quickrail plate built to sustain the extreme cuts a lacrosse player has on the field.

This cleat enables every player to cut harder with its explosive saddle and full bootie tongue construction. If you want to be fast and achieve your goals, go for this one.

Key Features

  • 100% Synthetic: The New Balance Cleats are designed with a 100% synthetic body, making it a must buy. It increases durability and accuracy on the field.
  • Base Lugs: The Base lugs provide unparalleled underfoot traction and unmatched rotational release.
  • Dual Density TPU Plate: The dual-density TPU plate offers the perfect combination of flexibility, stability, and traction.
  • Quixrail Plate: The cleats feature a Quixrail plate that delivers superior traction with lugs designed to mirror the extreme cuts taken by lacrosse players.

Under Armour Highlight Women’s Lacrosse Cleats

Under Armour Women’s lacrosse cleats have the same intention as Men’s, to make all athletes better with their innovative design and comfort.

The supportive ankle of the cleats helps to maintain speed without being dragged down by heavy shoes.

The molded 4D foam footplates ensure the player’s comfort and mobility aren’t affected. This is a diverse product that is made for Men, Women, and Youth as well.

Key Features

  • Synthetic Sole: These cleats are made with 100% Synthetic sole, which offers excellent stability and easy mobility on the field. It makes the cleats highly durable.
  • Lightweight Textile Upper: The Upper part of the cleat is made up of textiles, which is very light. This is why the cleats are breathable and provide a lockdown feel.
  • Smooth Toe Box: Toe comfort is the must for any footwear, especially if you’re playing a highly active game like Lacrosse. These cleats have smooth synthetic material in the box that forms foot and gives maximum comfort.
  • Molded 4D Foam Footbed: One of the best things about this is the molded 4D foam footbed. It conforms to the foot’s exact shape by eliminating possibilities of slippage and also reduces cleat pressure.

STX Lacrosse Breaker Goalie Pants

The STX Breaker Goalie Pants are special shock-stopping goalie pants that are made with low rebound foam.

Many goalies prefer these pants as an additional on the areas around your quads, hamstrings, and jock area.

These lightweight pants are beneficial in making saves and still being protected from them. Suitable for both beginner and advanced laxers.

Key Features

  • Form Fitting and Low Profile Spandex: These STX goalie pants have form-fitting and low profile spandex with a redesigned pad configuration, ensuring better fit and breathability. So stop worrying about sweating too much.
  • Low Rebound Foam: The shock stopping and low rebound foam are used to construct these pants. This feature helps to save aggressive shots without compromising safety.
  • Fits All: As these pants are available in three different sizes, they fit all players.

Warrior Burn Lacrosse Leg Pads

Warrior Burn Leg Pads are spandex-type shorts that are worn just like regular shorts.

These have protective padding in the hips, quads, and legs’ outer area to protect from impactful shots during the game.

These lightweight leg pads are designed with VPS foam that offers much-needed protection and flexibility. 

Key Features

  • Spandex Type: The Warrior burn pads are spandex type shorts that slide in like regular shorts.
  • Protective Padding: These have padding in the hips, quads, and outer part of legs from shots. It also has a sleeve for the cup, which ensures additional protection.
  • Ultimate Flexibility: It has a Wartech compression fit that provides the maximum flexibility with much-needed comfort for the players.
  • Lightweight VPS Foam: The lightweight VPS foam this pad acts as a protective layer for aggressive hits without weighing a player down.

Lacrosse Goalie Throat Guards, Shin Guards, and Extra Pads

Throat guards are the mandatory piece of lacrosse gear for a goalie. It is essential to wear throat guards that cover the neck completely to avoid serious injuries.

Also, Lacrosse shin guards and elbow pads are optional gear pieces if you want protection in that specific area.

Cascade Lacrosse Goalie Throat Guard

Cascade goalie throat guard is the top quality throat guard available in the market.

These are designed specifically for goalies. It has tempered plastic throat guards attached to the helmet with screws and bolts.

This is one of the safest options available for you if protection is your topmost priority in the game.

Key Features

  • Superior Throat Guard: Cascade lacrosse throat guard can be attached to the helmet with screws and bolts. It doesn’t need straps, unlike others.
  • Safest Neck Guard: This is one of the safest lacrosse neck guards. It is least restrictive to the goalies, which helps keep moving without getting trapped under the chest protector.
  • Easy Installation: The throat is easy and quick to install. Holes need to be drilled in case of a few players. And it works the best protection.

Brine Lacrosse Goalie Shin Guards

Shin guards are used explicitly by female goaltenders and youth players.

These shin guards by Brine come in one size that fits all. It is easy to attach and detach as well.

The material of these guards doesn’t let sweat rest and is easy to clean in no time. This perfect gear if you are looking for lightweight protection.

Key Features

  • Flex-point hard shell plates: The Flex-point Hardshell plates provide maximum protection and improved comfort.
  • No Sweat: Don’t worry about sweating too much when you have these pads on. The sweat can be easily cleaned too.
  • Low Profile Padding: The low profile padding of these pads on the shoes protects the ankle from injuries by wrapping around the leg.

Brine Clutch Elbow Pad

Clutch means faster reaction time. This helps a player to react before the opponent makes the next move.

These Elbow pads by Brine are designed to keep you ahead of the defense.

These are anatomically fitting and lightweight pads made with the latest technologies to improve protection and comfort.

Key Features

  • Single Piece Construction: Flexible fit is provided with the single-piece frame with Grid-flex.
  • Compression Molded Foam: Compression-molded foam allows us to absorb extreme impacts without being too heavy.
  • Ventilator Stretch Sleeve: Ventilator stretch sleeve of the elbow pads provides superior fit and comfort, and flexibility. It also keeps the pad dry.

Shock Doctor Lacrosse Mouth Guard

This Gel Max Mouthguard offers the best protection and comfort with a convertible tether that uses it as strapped or strapless.

The triple player mouthguard is an all-round performer and perfect for all ages.

With advanced protection, it also ensures easy breathing with its intelligent construction. Available in more than ten attractive colors.

Key Features

  • Custom Comfort and Fit: Get fit liner technology is easy to fit, and the mold forms are designed specifically for your teeth and gums. It provides a comfortable fit available in a variety of colors.
  • Breathable: The mouthguard comes with integrated breathing channels, making it easy to breathe and maximize performance.
  • Professional Dental Protection: No one wants to break their teeth while defending powerful strokes by attackmen. This mouthguard ensures Professional dental protection so you can come out of the field with a broad smile on your face.

Buying Your Gear

Lacrosse goalies are one of the most athletic players on the field. To take advantage of that athleticism, you must have equipment that will protect you, work with you, and keep you moving.

The latest advancement in lacrosse equipment has made it more advanced, so they aren’t bulky or restrictive as before.

That means now protection doesn’t need to be bulky or restrictive for the crease goalies moving on the field.

Men’s mandatory protective equipment doesn’t differ much from the women’s. But the most critical gear like the helmet, throat guard, chest protector, and sticks are essential to have.


The Best Lacrosse goalie gear depends on the individual. For some goalies, flexibility on the field is a top priority, and for others, stiffness in the equipment is what works. So you have to try it on and then choose the one.

Lacrosse goalie equipment can feel restrictive when you start with them as a beginner. But it must be broken in first to use it properly. A Player’s satisfaction is what matters while choosing gear equipment. Yes, comfort and flexibility are essential factors, but you shouldn’t choose anything unless you have tried it on.

So go with the equipment that allows you to play your best without fear and second thoughts of getting injured or missing the shots.

The best equipment is the one that keeps you protected all the time and is reliable for the position you play in the game.

Choose the one that builds up your confidence and makes you play like a beast!

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