Ice Hockey Goalie Gear: Best Goalie Blocker

If you’re a hockey goalie, you’ll surely need a high-quality hockey blocker.

A hockey blocker is a rectangular piece of equipment generally worn on your dominant hand. It’s designed to help you block and parry incoming shots away from your net.

A goalie is required to have a hockey blocker they can rely on. Hence, they need to have a blocking glove that suits them comfortably. Other things to consider are protection level, range of motion, and rebound control.

Goalies need protection to face the quickest of shots. They also need to use their wrist often when handling the puck and making poke checks.

You’ll find blockers come in different sizes, designs, and colors but make sure it fits properly and doesn’t limit your movement in any way.

Most goaltenders favor lightweight blockers. Just make sure that it has enough protection from pucks, skates, and sticks.

The hockey goalie blocker is often an afterthought than a shiny new glove or pads set. But anything trendy worth his weight knows that determining the right blocker has a significant impact on your game.

From handling your stick to creating precise poke checks to slick blocker saves deflecting the puck in the corner, your blocker has an enormous impact on your game. You need a solid blocker to defend your hand, but at the same time, you need flexibility for your wrist.

Below we have listed what we consider to be the best senior hockey blockers available:

Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Goalie Blocker

One of the latest competitive-level senior blockers issued this season is the Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Blocker.

This innovative glove is one of the most comfortable available in the market, thanks to its superior technology and design. It’s a lightweight design highlighting Bauer’s unique, authoritarian outer skin system to make this a durable glove.

The blocking board is built with Curv Composite and Control Foam materials, reducing impact rebounds. The glove highlights a soft Quattro Control palm for an improved grip on your stick. Meanwhile, the sidewall comes bolstered with Shocklite Foam and CURV Composite.

It also comes with Poron Foam reinforcements throughout the fingers and thumb. It possesses a free-floating cuff to make sure your wrist movement isn’t restrained in any way. Plus, it has a comfortable Thermomax+ liner to lessen heat and wick away sweat and moisture.

If you’re a competitive netminder in quest of durability, protection, mobility, and comfort, this glove is undoubtedly for you.

Bauer Supreme 3S Goalie Blocker

The newly-released Bauer Supreme 3S Goalie Blocker highlights a binding less frame design for more blocking coverage, strength, and stability. It is made with tough synthetic leather on the sideboard and face.

Aside from that, it has a padded backhand for shock protection and an adjustable leather wrist strap to keep it secure. The anatomical cuff features foam protection, while the free-floating design is ideal for stickhandling mobility.

The split-finger guards have high-density foam and Velcro adjustable tabs for the three fingers. This provides supreme dexterity while the injection-molded thumb adds more protection.

The one-piece angled blocking board and sideboard has different high-density Shock Lite Foam in them. This is to give pro-level rebound control and stability.

Also, the Quattro’s palm has a stretch finger-gusset for comfort and quick break-in time. The Bauer Supreme 3S Goalie Blocker is equipped with a soft, comfortable liner that shines at eliminating moisture and sweat.

The glove grants exceptional value in the mid-level price range, with the senior model weighing in at 870 grams. 

Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Blocker

Bauer had a serious punch with the Supreme 1S OD1N line and has developed in several areas with their 2S goalie set.

It is lightweight and great at absorbing shots, that you won’t have any problems deflecting pucks away from your net. The blend of a 37.5 liner and the nash palm keeps your palm dry so it won’t feel slick.

Bauer Supreme S27 Goalie Blocker

This very affordable blocker from Bauer highlights an ivory nash palm for grip. It also comes with a wonderful open Free-Flex cuff for mobility.

It’s built with a lightweight but the strong one-piece blocking board. This is to divert shots away from the body, and the moisture-wicking liner keeps you cool and dry at all times. The synthetic leather glove gives optimal durability while shielding all areas of your hand.

The blocker’s firm sidewall easily seals the gap between the glove and body and is bolstered around the index finger and thumb. The wrist area allows an uninhibited range of motion to handle the puck. This feature also makes poke checks and pull off incredible saves and is designed for top-notch hand protection and comfort.

The Bauer Supreme S27 Goalie Blocker is perfect for beginners, recreational, and intermediate players of all ages and comes in a senior and junior model. It can be bought in a lower price range but provides all the comfort and protection needed to tend goal with confidence. 

Bauer Vapor X2.7 Goalie Blocker

The Vapor X2.7 Goalie Blocker from Bauer is another binding less synthetic leather glove. It focuses on protection, comfort, and saving capacity.

The interior’s adjustable nylon strap keeps your wrist in place during the game. Meanwhile, pucks and sticks are no match for the densely-padded backhand. The breathable free-flex cuff highlights the air knit mesh, wicking away moisture, sweat, and odor.

The finger guards come with a split-finger pattern and high-density foam for protection and movement. The best part? The thumb being injection-molded.

The side hand has foam and plastic padding with added protection on the backs of the fingers. The angled one-piece blocker board and sideboard give stability and excellent rebound control. The tapered bottom allows the glove to lay warmth on the ice when in the paddle-down position.

The palm is constructed with Ivory Nash for improved stick feel. It also comes with extra stitching down the center for a better fit and durability. The Bauer Vapor X2.7 Blocker is another champion for netminders looking for a quality glove in the mid-price range.

It’s available in different sizes, with the senior model tipping the scales at 663 grams. 

Bauer Vapor 2x Pro Blocker

Bauer’s Vapor 2X Pro Blocker has a one-piece blocking board made from the company’s lightweight Curv Composite material. This allows for greater blocking surface and stability.

It’s created to enable goalies to redirect pucks away from the net while still having enough protection for the hardest of slap shots from the point. The palm highlights AX suede nash construction for fantastic stick feel and added comfort.

The free-flex cuff provides full wrist mobility when you’re playing the puck and firmly secures the wrist with an adjustable nylon strap. There’s no need to bother about sweat and moisture building up inside the blocker, thanks to the breathable Thermo Max liner. The backhand is padded, and the finger guards are outfitted with high-density foam and injection-molded thumb.

The elite Vapor 2X Pro Blocker is created for competitive-level goalies. Moreso, if what you need is something that offers excellent flexibility, rebound control, and protection. The senior lightweight glove weighs just 845 grams, and it is considered to be mid-priced. 

CCM Extreme Flex 4 Pro Goalie Blocker

The latest Extreme Flex 4 Pro Blocker by CCM is created to quickly transfer pucks to the corner of the rink and control rebounds. It has a binding less system for durability. It also comes with a soft, breathable, ventilated nash palm that offers an excellent feel, balance, and comfort.

The molded lock-thumb highlights additional protection. Meanwhile, the fingers come with high-density foam wrap and reinforced padding. It also comes with a blocking guard that has dual-density and heat-laminated foam. In addition, the cuff gives a perfect range of motion due to the adjustable, segmented cuff.

The blocker has maximum coverage on the index and sticks fingers, which provides excellent mobility and movement. You’ll also find a quick-release, adjustable wrist strap. Meanwhile, the D3O polyurethane materials provide more shock-absorption protection throughout.

The stick won’t slip out of your hand while playing the puck. And the first-rate, comfortable grip and the blocker wicks moisture to keep it cool and dry. 

Elite-level goalies of all ages will adore the CCM Extreme Flex 4 Pro Blocker due to its excellent protection and rebound control. The glove comes in two sizes and can be bought in a higher-price range.

CCM AXIS Pro Goalie Blocker

CCM has launched the AXIS Goalie Blocker for competitive netminders. It features rebound control, top-level protection, and a great range of motion as its goals.

The gloves highlight heat-laminated construction with PE support and a thinner profile.

The blocker board is created to control rebounds powerfully and is wrapped in durable Speed Skin Technology to resist wear and tear. It has bent index-finger coverage to help make sure the gap between the thumb and finger is sealed while holding your stick. The fingers are well guarded by high-density foam and CCM’s unique D30 Smart Foam system.

The D30 stays flexible and soft for maximum dexterity and instantly hardens on impact to disperse the energy. Also, the glove has a three-piece cuff for the ultimate range of motion. Moreover, it comes with a multi-layered Nash palm with breathable mesh gussets, a molded plastic thumb, and a Velcro wrist strap.

The AXIS Goalie Blocker by CCM gives everything it shows and can be found in the higher-price range, with the senior model weighing just 884 grams.

Brian’s GNETiK Blocker

All goalie knows Brian’s makes a premium product, and the GNETiK blocker is one of them.

The Brian’s GNETiK Blocker has a Boa tightening system, a blocker board with a beveled nose, and a bolstered finger system. This means that the blocker has everything a goalie could be looking for in a top of the line piece of equipment.

Brian’s Opt1k Blocker

Brians won’t be a stranger to any goalie who has been around long enough, and they have another champion on their hands with the Opt1k line.

They have completed their Boa tightening system across all their top blockers and catchers, and for a good reason. The combination of the Boa tightening system, no-slip grip, and smart strap adjustment makes it the best fitting blocker on the market.

Brian’s OPTIK 2 Goalie Blocker

The lightweight, leather-faced OPTIK 2 Blocker by Brian’s is created for performance, protection, and strength. This makes the blocker ideal for competitive goaltenders.

It comes with a binding less face, beveled-foam blocker board, and high-density foam thumb and sidewall. It also highlights a big, soft, no-slip SBA palm with high-density fingers. Another feature is the adjustable foam finger guard to keep you safe from the most challenging shots and slashes.

The cuff has a wide opening with a dial-adjustment system. This allows top movement and range of motion while wearing the glove as loose or tight as you like.

The firm and strong exterior are equipped with poly mesh accent zones known for controlling rebounds. Meanwhile, the breathable, perforated palm is created to give you the greatest grip on your stick. The blocker also has AirKnit mesh fingers and a moisture-wicking liner for a significant amount of airflow that removes sweat and moisture.

The thumb has a removable pillow for more excellent protection and comfort. On the other hand, the fingers are connected with an adjustable Velcro or elastic strap. And the back of the finger stalls is lined with high-density foam.

Brian’s Heritage Blocker

Brian’s Heritage line retains a classic look and feel. In addition, it adopted certain technologies from the Opt1k and GNETiK lineups.

It is a suitable blocker that is lightweight even without the Brian’s Boa system. Meaning, this blocker will be receiving looks all game long as it simultaneously keeps pucks out of the back of the net.

Vaughn Velocity V9 Pro Goalie Blocker 

There’s a new Vaughn goalie blocker on the market this season as the company has launched the Velocity V9 model. It comes with a flat-board face design and deep top-bend. This is to deflect pucks away from the net quickly.

Moreover, the thick internal foam also helps enhance stiffness for precise control of rebounds. The face material is also kept tight to the blocker with a lace system for proficient puck control.

The cushioned backhand pad provides security and comfort, while the fingers are protected with a composite core and foams. The palm of the glove is constructed for fit, comfort, and stick-control. That’s because it’s made with VX suede while the inside is kept dry and cool with an excellent moisture-wicking liner.

Vaughn’s new Velocity V9 Blocker gives a high level of stability, comfort, range of motion, and protection for goalies of all skill levels. 

Vaughn Ventus SLR2 Pro Blocker

Vaughn is a little smaller than Brian’s, Bauer, Warrior, or CCM, but they still make some excellent goalie gear at a very attractive price range. The Ventus SLR2 is innovative, that it usually costs $100 less than the big boy’s equipment.

Warrior Ritual GT2 Goalie Blocker

The Ritual GT2 Senior Goalie Blocker is perfect for those who prefer to play with a lightweight blocker. It comes with a binding less design for durability and features a fully-removable palm.

The sidewall is formed to rest against your stick and is designed for additional protection. The tractable palm can be moved up and down the blocker board to suit your preference. The glove also comes with an open cuff, which can be adjusted to help you pull off the most extraordinary saves.

The open cuff also gives plenty of room to ensure your chest protector doesn’t hinder your play, allowing for superior wrist movement. This innovative blocker provides plenty of flexibility, consistency, and protection and is built to last.

Your hand remains cool and dry due to the glove’s ability to wick away moisture and sweat. HD foams are embedded for rebound control, and GenPro material is used for strength.

The Ritual G4 Blocker by Warrior is one of the lightest and flexible blockers on the market. It also gives premium protection for goalies of all ages and skill levels in the mid-price range. 

The Warrior GT2 Goalie Blocker is produced for adult goaltenders who take the game seriously. However, the blocker is also available in junior and intermediate forms, so goalies of all ages and skill levels are covered. 

Warrior Ritual G4 Pro Blocker

Warrior’s goalie gear this year is all about being lightweight without sacrificing any protection. The G4 does a great job of this and will act as any great blocker will but limits the weight to keep your arms fresh all game long.

If you are looking to retain the weight down and save some money simultaneously, the G4 is an excellent choice for you! 


Choosing a blocker might seem like an easy task at first glance, but there are many variables when you dig into it.

Do you want a Boa tightening system? A thin blocker board or a thick one? Lively, or do you want it to absorb pucks? 

We hope you found our post on the best hockey blockers helpful.

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