Ice Hockey Goalie Gear: Best Goalie Gloves or Catcher

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It is undeniable how imperative for a hockey player to have the perfect catching glove. More so, if you want to snag fast-flying pucks.

It comes in many sizes, colors, and models. Plus, you will need to find a glove that suits your age and skill level. And although the price is essential, you should also consider a glove’s fit, comfort, protection level, and durability.

Aside from catching pucks, you may also find yourself in front of of slashing sticks and even the odd skate blade.

Your hockey goalie glove is undoubtedly one of the essential pieces of equipment you have to keep the puck out of the back of the net. All gloves have it all, and an innovative boa fitment system is what puts it over the top, in our opinion.

Nonetheless, you don’t want to have an old, floppy catcher when someone comes aiming down on you on a breakaway. You want something that feels good in your hands and performs well.

Do you need a regular or full right goalie glove?

To decide which one you should get, you need to select which hand you will catch with. Of course, this isn’t a big concern since you already know which hand you’re most comfortable with.

But it’s the data you need to give when buying a goalie catch glove.

If you desire to catch with your left hand, and hold your goalie stick with the right, go with regular goalie catchers. Meanwhile, a full right goalie glove is used by people who catch with their right hand and hold the goalie stick in their left.

Should I buy a used or new goalie catcher?

There is no wrong answer for this situation, not just for catchers, but for other ice hockey goalie gear, as well. But if money is not a problem for you, always go for a new one.

On the other hand, there are many good quality used goalie catch gloves out there that you can choose from that will do a similar job on the ice.

Here is the list of what we consider to be the best hockey goalie gloves available:

Bauer Vapor 2X Goalie Catcher

The Vapor 2X catcher from Bauer comes with a 60-degree break for superior hand closure. Meanwhile, its pocket’s depth is built for easy catching with no rebounds or pop-outs.

Once the puck is in the glove, it stays there. The cuff size has been limited to offer enhanced mobility in the wrist and effective rebound control. Bauer uses its famous lightweight yet robust Curv Composite material for protection, durability, and stability.

The composite structure also supports the glove retaining its shape year after year. The single pocket is pretty flexible and game-ready, while the pro nash palm is a bonus.

The wrist strap is quick-adjusting as it also comes with extra padding, giving it added protection while keeping it mobile. You can keep your palm protected in place with the fast Velcro strap. It also has the internal Thermo Max Liner, which works well at wicking away moisture and sweat.

The Bauer 2X catcher is a pro-level glove that’s fit for all ages and skill levels. It’s very comfortable and flexible and gives maximum protection even though it’s a lightweight glove. The catcher is reasonably priced and one of the best deals on the market.

Bauer Vapor 2X Pro

Bauer’s single tee alternative to the Supreme lineup, the Vapor 2X Pro, comes with a large pocket that swallows up anything that comes its way.

The blocking exterior along the forearm funnels the puck right into your pocket. The palm features Bauer’s Aerolite technology to reduce the glove’s weight. It also has the Curv composite construction to aid in keeping the weight down.

You will love this Vapor entry from Bauer and will change the top corner of your net into a brick wall!

Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Goalie Catcher

One of the best fresh products this season is the lightweight Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Catcher. It is built with performance, comfort, and flexibility in mind. It also highlights Bauer’s durable CORTech ST skin, solid one-piece Curv Composite cuff, and a CatchLite palm with strengthened Poron Foam.

It has a 75-degree closure, which enables you to catch shots above and past the fingertips. The back of the glove has a Free-Flex design beyond the end of your fingertips to the wrist for an excellent range of motion when making critical saves.

Meanwhile, the interior is equipped with a Catch Grip liner. This is to keep your hand comfortable and dry by wicking away moisture and sweat and making sure it’s firm when catching shots. And the Double Tee Spine sees extra skate lacing in the pocket that ensures that the puck stays there after being caught.

This durable glove is created with top-level materials all over and gives an easy hand closure with a minimum break-in period required. The elite-level Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Catcher offers the complete package for advanced-level netminders. But it also means that this glove can be expensive. 

Bauer Supreme S27 Goalie Catcher

Bauer is well known for its excellent ice hockey goalkeeper gloves, with this catcher being one of their best sellers.

The Supreme S27 maximizes both the coverage area and protection while maintaining the glove as light as possible. It highlights a split double t-pocket with great closure, which helps keep the puck from bouncing out of it. The glove arrives with a one-piece cuff with a well-protected palm area and a nash liner for comfort.

The glove edge is protected with MD foam to keep your hand safe from the harshest of shots, errant skates, and wayward sticks. There are available junior and senior-sized gloves that come with various colors. The catcher can be broken in quite quickly, and it gives enough flexibility to snag even the fastest of shots.

Bauer’s Supreme S27 Catcher is designed for the recreational and intermediate level goalies. This is also ideal if you are looking for a top-notch glove without breaking the bank. This glove gives plenty of protection and mobility and can usually be found in the lower to mid-price range.

Bauer Supreme 3S Goalie Catcher

The Bauer Supreme 3S Catcher features high-grade leather, double tee trap material, and a CatchLite pocket. This is for added puck retention and faster break-in time.

The one-piece cuff is constructed with Curv Composite to maintain its shape while decreasing the shot impact. It also comes with a 75-degree closure angle to balance flexibility between performing saves and puck handling.

Another highlight is its Ivory Nash palm with a soft, comfortable Thermo Max liner. This feature helps keep your hand dry and cool by wicking away bacteria-causing odor, sweat, and moisture. It boasts molded polyurethane and foam protection in the palm, wrist, and fingers and has a one-piece molded thumb.

The catcher is kept in place with a Velcro palm and nylon wrist strap for easy and fast adjusting.

Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Glove

Bauer had a real winner with the 1S OD1N lineup, and they recognize that they don’t need to reinvent the wheel with the 2S.

It is a catcher that is a bit more finger controlled, along with several liner and drying upgrades that make this a great feeling glove all game long. The Curv construction helps drop some weight to keep your arm lightweight. It also features the double T design that makes the pocket feel bigger and helps reduce the number of pop-outs you may encounter with other gloves.

Bauer’s choice to improve instead of the redesign has paid off and makes this a fantastic upgrade to the Supreme lineup.

Bauer Vapor X2.7 Goalie Catcher

The Bauer Vapor X2.7 Goalie Catcher highlights a deep Max Depth pocket to make sure you’re in control of anybody’s attempts to beat you on the glove side.

The compressed one-piece cuff is designed to direct shots into the glove while giving an excellent motion range. The pocket comes with a full-hand 60-degree closure break to ensure the puck stays in the glove. It’s easy to break the durable synthetic leather and nylon glove in as it comes with a hybrid single-tee pocket with a free-flex backhand. 

The palm, cuff, thumb, fingers, and perimeter are guarded with high-density foam and molded plastic. This is to fight off stingers and vibrations without sacrificing any hand dexterity.

Your wrist is locked down by nylon, stuffed adjustable strap at the back of your hand. This ensures that the glove is secured against your palm for quick closing and to lessen slippage. Inside, your hand is always kept cool and dry, thanks to the comfortable nash material which wicks away sweat and moisture. 

The famous Bauer Vapor X2.7 Catcher can usually be found in the low to the mid-price range, with the senior model weighing in at 902 grams. 

CCM AXIS Pro Goalie Catcher

New this year for elite-level players is the CCM AXIS Pro Goalie Catcher. This glove is created for comfort, protection, and a comfortable break-in period.

It boasts CCM’s D30 Smart Foam inside the palm for the ultimate shock protection, and the flexibility of the glove allows it to easily close and open. The foam then quickly hardens when it catches the puck to absorb the energy and properly reduce vibrations and stings.

The backs of the fingers are also shielded with molded high-density foam for any in-ice impact. The AXIS arrives with a 590 break for full hand closure and has a double-tee pocket, constructed with skate lace. It is equipped with a large one-piece blocking board to help make sure the puck doesn’t get past you when down on the ice in the butterfly.

The exterior is covered with durable synthetic Speed Skin Technology to manage wear and tear and repel water. Meanwhile, the backhand strap below the adjustable cuff ensures the glove securely rests in place.

The CCM AXIS Pro Catcher is the real deal and can be found in the higher-price scale. 

CCM Extreme Flex IV Pro Goalie Catcher

The CCM Extreme Flex 4 Pro Catcher offers excellent mobility, comfort, protection, and coverage. This is ideal for competitive netminders, as it comes with a large, extended pocket.

The cool part is that the pocket transitions seamlessly in a one-piece cuff design. It is covered with SpeedSkin synthetic material for toughness and durability.

It has a 75-degree closure angle or 600 breaks for quick, natural closing and opening.

The palm possesses thick felt and D30 Smart Foam polyurethane. This is to guard your palm and fingers upon impact by hardening and absorbing the energy.

Inside, the catcher comes with soft and comfortable nash finger stalls for more central control over the glove. It also has a quick-releasing wrist strap that stretches throughout the cuff. 

The pocket is outfitted with a deep, double tee system, enabling you to see the puck better through the glove. The game-ready CCM Extreme Flex 4 Pro Catcher is built with high-grade materials throughout. The only caveat is its high price.

CCM Premier II Glove

CCM’s classic Premier glove has all the traditionalist characteristics and joins a double tee pocket to help pursue the puck.

A one-piece cuff and thumb give you the most excellent protection and coverage, and D30 protection adds a layer of security for your hands. A redesigned hand strapping system enhances the fit over the last Premier glove.

This ensures a quick and painless break-in system and a glove that will see you through the most challenging games. 

Brian’s Opt1k Glove

Vaughn’s more popular glove than the GNETiK comes with a unique tee system.

Packed with Brian’s Hex-Air technology and filled with E-Foam to keep your hand protected, this is the traditionalist option to the GNETiK line. You can’t go wrong with either glove, but if you are a single tee faithful, the Opt1k is the glove just for you.

Brian’s OPTIK 2 Goalie Catcher

Brian’s OPTIK 2 Goalie Catcher is created to manage the most challenging and trickiest shots and impacts opponents can muster. The hand-made glove is built with tough leather and poly mesh accents. These are then wrapped around a lightweight but rigid foam-filled core.

It features a beveled thumb to support direct pucks into the broad and deep single tee pocket. It uses a 40-degree break angle and game-ready palm, set to be worn as soon as you take it out of the box. Besides, the back of the glove has an increased high-density foam finger ridge to protect you from skate skates and slashes. 

Brian’s include a single-piece SBA cuff and palm with Air-Kinit finger stalls. It also boasts the Hex-Air technology for the proper amount of airflow and breathability. Meanwhile, the dial-adjustment system keeps your hand secured without affecting your range of motion.

There’s also an adjustable strap over the finger stalls and regular pinky-finger and thumb loops for a snug fit and more effortless closing. 

The OPTIK 2 Goalie Catcher weighs 2 lbs. and it’s meant for competitive netminders, although it can be expensive.

Brian’s GNETiK IV Glove

It features Dual Boa Tightening, backhand, and wrist boa tightening system. The 35 Degree Break Angle that will help the puck deflect right into your catching pocket.

It highlights Redesigned Closure, which has completely rebuilt the closing system of the GNETiK. This is to help create ultra-tight closure every time. It also comes with the proprietary E-Foam Technology that keeps the glove light but still gives you the protection you need.

Brian’s is an elite goalie gear manufacturer, and this glove is no exception. The innovative Boa technology keeps the glove fit on your hand without the need to adjust it from time to time.

Brians has a Hex-Air floating cuff to protect your wrist and a Digitech palm to help you feel every shot that comes your way. Finished off with the signature Brian’s eyes graphics, this is a mean-looking glove that works just as well as it fits.

Vaughn Ventus SLR2 Pro Carbon Goalie Catcher

This catcher by Vaughn is easily one of the most famous on the market. It’s a top-of-the-line senior model, and the higher price shows it.

For one, it provides excellent coverage due to the vast, deep catching pocket. Second, the two-piece design gives great flexibility.

The glove features an at-web top design and molded palm, reinforced with carbon fiber for additional strength. The back thumb and inner hand inserts are also outfitted with carbon fiber and the front cuff protector. The inner-hand area is built with Neoprene flex, which gives goaltenders superior glove control.

There’s also an adjustment band at mid-hand along with a padded, adjustable wrist strap. There are added padding and protection in the wrist, hand base, fingertip, and thumb areas to handle shots and sticks better.

The Vaughn Ventus SL R2 Pro Carbon catcher is available in several colors. The glove gives first-rate protection and mobility and is recommended for higher-level goaltenders.

Vaughn Velocity VE8 Pro Carbon Glove

Vaughns VE8 Pro Carbon highlights a split double-t pocket for excellent puck tracking, this glove will keep your hand protected. It also has carbon fiber lining throughout.

As with other Vaughn products, this glove and be heat molded for the ultimate in custom feel!

Warrior Ritual GT2 Pro Goalie Catcher

This lightweight goalie catcher by Warrior highlights the company’s Hypercomp Reinforced Core Technology. It offers ultimate protection and flexibility, while the reinforcements can mostly be felt in the palm area.

Moreover, the double-t pocket assists in dampening the puck’s impact when it strikes the glove. This gives you ultimate net coverage, and it also makes sure the puck stays securely trapped in the large pocket.

This pro-style catcher highlights 75-degree finger positioning that gives excellent closure and seal. It has a comfortable and forward thumb angle, and the liner enables you to get a secure, non-slip grip. This is a top-quality catcher that gives excellent protection while still serving up plenty of flexibility and mobility.

The Warrior Ritual GT2 Catcher is aimed at competitive goalies who want lightweight and comfortable gloves that offer ultimate protection. It’s a medium-priced design that also provides value for the money.

Warrior Ritual G4 Pro Glove

The Warrior Ritual G4 is excellent when it comes to a customizable goalie glove.

The capability to open the glove up and access the wrist, backhand, and finger stalls for a complete custom style fitment. The ability to swap out the stock 75-degree liner for the 60 and 90 degrees is another considerable advantage. It’s like being capable of having three different gloves to play with at a fraction of the price.

This glove also comes with warriors single tee axyflex technology that lessens pop-outs and captures pucks into the pocket. This is an excellent and custom glove for a fraction of the price of a real custom glove!

Goalie gear is a very personal choice. Single or double tee? Straps or Boa to keep your hand locked in? What degree of closure are you looking for? These are all tailored to the individual, and we hope our article helped you find a glove that will help you stop pucks.

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