Ice Hockey Goalie Gear: The Best Throat Protectors and Neck Guards

The throat and neck are the critical and sensitive part of the body. Yet, for some reason, we often neglect to protect it.

You can’t bear to do that when you play hockey. Mix vicious slapshots, stray sticks, and player collisions, and you’ve got an excellent recipe for potential injury.

That’s why buying a good goalie throat guard and neck protector is so important.

The last thing any player wants to worry about playing hockey is getting hit by pucks or skates to the neck. It is integral to wear a hockey neck protector and guard at all times to be safe as a hockey player. 

Protecting your neck and throat is extremely important. It is even a legal requirement for children. Hence, we’re taking a deep dive into many neck throat guards and neck protectors available in the market.

In this review of the best hockey neck protectors and throat guards, we will carefully go over everything you need to know. This includes essential features, specifications, material, and more.

Hockey Neck Protector and Neck Guard Basics


The hockey throat guard and neck protector’s weight is an important feature you need to consider when you are selecting a hockey neck guard.

A lightweight hockey neck protector and throat guard allows ease of movement. Sure, you can get better protection on heavier ones, but you may be bogged down with sweat.


The design of a hockey neck protector and throat guard is essential, which can significantly impact your comfort during the game.

The design of hockey neck protectors and throat guards should be ergonomic. That way, it can provide players with maximum comfort and while protecting from injury.


A vital component of the neck protector and throat guard you need to pay attention to is the material. The material used should always be tough yet comfortable around the neck. There is nothing more distressed than having a wet and itchy neck guard.


You need to consider sizing when choosing a hockey neck protector and throat guard. Different hockey neck protectors and throat guards come in various sizes.

The Best Throat Protectors and Neck Guards

Ronin G-Series Hockey Goalie Throat Protector

  • Made by Ronin
  • Excellent Pro-Level protection at a great price
  • Lexan / Polycarbonate construction
  • Senior / Adult Size


The G-Series hockey goalie throat protector has some significant upsides. The first is that this throat protector is made with extremely tough polycarbonate construction.

This throat protector is right for you because it results in a piece of equipment with excellent durability. It is also lightweight, so it shouldn’t have any effect on your mobility.

Potential Drawbacks

Unfortunately, this ice hockey goalie throat guard fails to incorporate any ties or laces to fasten it. This is a minor inconvenience that Ronin could have easily avoided.

Overall Value

The Ronin G-Series throat guard is a good bargain at its current price of $24.99. It may not be a great piece of equipment, but it offers three essential things you need from a throat protector: Durability, lightweight, and comfort.

Aegis Interceptor Neck Protector

  • Full Neck Protection – The Aegis Interceptor Neck Protector is created for an ergonomic fit. It covers all crucial arteries and cut prone spots!
  • Proprietary Material – D30 foam provides cut and impact resistance to ensure your neck is looked after!


  • Highly Breathable – Unlike common neck guards that get bogged down with sweat, the Aegis Neck Protector is super breathable. This means it will be comfortable all game long
  • Unmatched Protection – The Aegis Neck Protector has a super high neck cuff and a long bib to reach all critical areas!
  • Superior Durability –The D30 shock protection foam ensures that no skate blades or sticks will cut through and damage your neck.


There are no known disadvantages to this excellent neck protector.

Bottom Line

The Aegis Interceptor is the top neck guard of the year for its excellent protection, advanced materials, and incredible price point.

A&R Sports Goalie V Style Throat Guard

  • Increased Throat Protection
  • Clear Material That Provides Excellent Visibility
  • Lexan Quality Plastic


This is a reliable throat guard that will be precisely where it needs to be when you most demand it. This goalie throat protector should also hold up well over time as it’s built with Lexan quality plastic.

Potential Drawbacks

There’s no observed any significant flaws in this neck guard ourselves, nor have we heard any complaints about this product.

Overall Value

The A&R Sports V style goalie guard is an excellent piece of protective gear for helping guard your throat. It’s one of the top throat guards for purchase and is reasonably priced at $30.89.

Vaughn 2000i Velocity 6 Lexan Goalie Throat Protector

  • Made by Vaughn
  • Curved and flared chin area
  • Easily slides across the jersey
  • Molded-in Lexan Polycarbonate
  • Fits most junior-sized goalie masks


Vaughn’s 2000i hockey goalie throat protector does an outstanding job of protecting your throat. The best part? It doesn’t limit your mobility.

The 2000i is designed to allow the throat protector to slide as you move your head quickly. The other upside to Vaughn’s 2000i is that it’s easy to connect.

Potential Drawbacks

Some parents say that their kids seem to go through many of these. Don’t expect Vaughn’s 2000i goalie throat guard to be a one-time bargain. You’re likely to buy many of these for your child over the years.

Overall Value

Vaughn’s 2000i hockey throat protector is a fine piece of equipment at a reasonable price. This makes it the ideal purchase for families on a tight budget. The 2000i isn’t perfect, but it’s a good buy at just $19.99.

Shock Doctor Ultra

  • Bio-Fit – The Shock Doctor Ultra Neck Guard is anatomically formed and constructed of a flexible, pre-molded low-density foam.
  • Premium Material – Shock Doctor has constructed this hockey neck guard with premium, cut-resistant aramid fiber. It is a bolstered core that has a soft knit lining and durable exterior. 


  • Lightweight Protection – The Shock Doctor Ultra Neck Guard is extremely light. It gives your neck superior cushioning that doesn’t restrict movement.
  • Wide range of Adjustability – The Shock Doctor neck guard easily suits all sizes and fits. The adjustable elastic Velcro strap lets each player set the neck guard to any fit for maximum performance.
  • Superior Durability – The premium cut-resistant aramid fiber material gives reinforced protection against any injury during the game. It has a soft knit lining for improved comfort and durable material for long-lasting use. 


The Shock Doctor Ultra Neck Guard doesn’t provide excellent breathability. But this is a trade-off for the top of the line protection and durability you get. 

Bottom Line

A simple, lightweight design gives you premium protection and versatility at an excellent price point. This is a great hockey neck guard, and the soft materials used to make it super comfortable.

A&R Sports Goalie Round Style Throat Guard

  • Made by A&R Sports, one of the best manufacturers of sports accessories for the past 20 years
  • Improved Throat Protection
  • Clear Material Allows for Excellent Visibility
  • Lexan Quality Plastic


A&R Sports manufacture this ice hockey throat guard. This should give you high confidence that the product has been manufactured well. A&R’s rounded throat protector does a great job of protecting you without getting in your way.

Potential Drawbacks

This is a senior-sized guard. This means you’ll want to hunt for a smaller junior size neck protector for younger children.

Overall Value

The A&R Sports rounded goalie throat guard is an exceptional product at a reasonable price. This is highly recommended for you.


  • Breathable Material – The CCM RBZ 300 Neck Guard highlights proprietary Dyneema material, which is exceptionally breathable and cut resistant. 
  • Ergonomic Fit – The state of this neck guard’s art structure helps enhance neck movement and offer premium comfort.


  • Increased Breathability – The CCM RBZ 100 neck guard is built with breathable materials to keep you cool during the game.
  • Superior Comfort – The soft inner liner in the CCM RBZ 100 neck guard is unmatched in preventing skin irritation when you sweat and play. 
  • Premium Protection – The cut resistant material in the RBZ 100 is very useful in preventing injuries from blades or sticks. It is also very durable to guarantee this neck guard will last you a long time. 


The CCM 100 RBZ neck guard isn’t as resilient as some of the other products on the market, but the stiffer material gives you a higher protection level.

Bottom Line

The CCM RBZ 100 is focused on providing you the best protection possible. Moreover, it doesn’t disappoint in the fit and comfort department either. 

Bauer Nike Hockey N18 Lexan Senior Hockey Goalie Throat Protector

  • Made by Bauer
  • N18 Wave design
  • Injection-molded from Lexan
  • Improved throat protection and increased movement
  • Available in both clear and tinted colors


This is one of the most excellent hockey goalie throat protectors out there. It allows for superior protection. The clear colored guard also provides you perfect vision.

Potential Drawbacks

This goalie throat guard does tend to fog up a bit at times. It also makes loud clatter sounds as you move around.

Overall Value

Bauer’s throat protector isn’t the most affordable one for sale, but it’s still a decent value at $29.99.

Bauer NG NLP20

  • 37.5 Technology – Bauer NG NLP20 features innovative 37.5 technology. It maximizes the evaporation of moisture for enhanced comfort and performance.
  • Permanent Anti-odor – Bauer’s NG NLP20 neck guard highlights a permanent anti-odor technology. This technology prevents bacteria buildup and unwanted smells.
  • Durable design– Bauer has included a soft lined interior made up of Cocona 37.5 and polyester material.


  • Lightweight Protection – This neck guard is light and thin, providing you with excellent comfort and mobility. 
  • Fast Drying Comfort – The inside liner is designed to diffuse sweat almost instantly. It also keeps you dry and comfortable throughout the game.
  • Extended Neck Guard Bib – The front bib on the neck guard gives you extended protection. So there are no breaks between your neck guard and shoulder pads.


The inner liner of the neck guard isn’t as soft as some other products, but it’s created to maximize sweat and moisture evaporation.

Bottom Line

The Bauer neck guard focuses on providing you a comfortable and close fit, with the bib extending just below the shoulder pads’ neck. 

A&R Hockey Neck Guard

  • Ballistic nylon: A&R Hockey Neck Guard is made of a thick, tough, ballistic nylon fabric that is very durable.
  • Contoured Fit: The A&R hockey neck guard uses a molded shape that offers comfort and enhanced mobility for peak performance.


  • Lightweight Mobility – The ultra-lightweight structure of the A&R neck guard gives you optimum comfort and mobility throughout the game.
  • Durable Protection – A&R uses a rigid, durable material for long-lasting security against sticks and skates.
  • Adjustable Fit – The A&R neck guard offers a wide range of adjustable fits for every player’s size.


This neck guard is a little stiffer to improve protection and durability over some soft neck guards.

Bottom Line

The A&R neck guard is made up of very lightweight and flexible material proven to enhance comfort and wearability during the game. If you are looking for the lightest neck guard, this should be it.

Vaughn 2000 Velocity 6 Lexan Goalie Throat Protector

  • Curved and flared chin area
  • Easily slides across the jersey
  • Molded-in Lexan Polycarbonate
  • Fits most junior-sized goalie masks


This throat guard is easy to connect. It also provides you adequate protection without sacrificing mobility.

Potential Drawbacks

This is the senior-sized Vaughn Velocity 6 throat guard. It’s the size designed for older children. If your child is younger, they may be better off to use Vaughn’s junior-sized protector.

Overall Value

This is a reliable hockey throat protector at a fair price. It’s a sound value at $24.99.

Vaughn 2200 Velocity 6 Pro Lexan Goalie Throat Protector

  • Extended profile chin with a flare
  • Extended width at the side of the guard for more protection
  • Firm and durable
  • Made of strong Lexan Polycarbonate material
  • Arrives with three easy ties for easy installation


Vaughn’s 2200 Velocity 3 guard gives your throat area excellent protection. It’s also a tough guard that’s easy to install.

Potential Drawbacks

The price.

Overall Value

The Vaughn 2200 Velocity 6 may be the most reliable goalie throat protector on the market. Unfortunately, its price shows that.

It currently costs $39.99 on the market, and there are many cheaper throat guards for those on a shoestring budget.

However, if you’re able to spend a few extra dollars, the protection and performance this guard provides will make it well worth it.

Aegis Interceptor Bibless

  • 4mm D30 Protective Insert – The Aegis Interceptor features an extra protective insert to prevent skin cuts.
  • Moisture-wicking fabric – The Aegis Neck Guard gives moisture-wicking fabric. This ensures a quick-drying and comfortable neck guard.
  • Breathable Material – Composed of nylon spandex and a DuPont Kevlar fiber lining for maximum ventilation.


  • Ultra Lightweight – It has a lightweight material that guarantees you will barely feel it during the game.
  • Fast Drying Fabric – The moisture-wicking material supports the Aegis Interceptor and keeps your neck guard dry.
  • Superior Protection – The additional protective inserts offer an edge over the competition, keeping you safe from any injury. 


This is one of the best neck guards on the market that’s why it’s tough to pin down any real disadvantage.

Bottom Line

This is a premium neck guard created to deliver lightweight and comfortable protection and is one of the best neck guards on the market. 

Bauer NME Throat Protector

  • Made by Bauer
  • Easy, 3-point string attachment
  • Clear material provides excellent visibility
  • Increased throat protection


Bauer’s NME throat protector protects your neck from speeding slapshots and potential injuries. The great thing about Bauer’s NME guard is that it is made of transparent material that has no negative impact on your visibility.

Potential Drawbacks

The price. It’s a bit too expensive.

Overall Value

The Bauer throat protector is a bit expensive at $39.99. It’s a hard piece of equipment, but currently a bit overpriced. It is recommended that you purchase one of the other throat guards from our list instead.


Luckily, there are decent neck guards in different price ranges. It’s just a matter of finding the best mix of protection and comfort for your game. 

Ice hockey is one of the most fun sports on the planet. But it can also be dangerous at times. That’s why buying the right protective gear is a must.

All the neck protectors and throat guards discussed will not let you down in the protection department. It only depends on the particular feel you need for your game. The neck guard is a worthy investment to keep you from getting injured and going bar down the game in and game out.

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